Tag Heuer Replica Tissot – 2015 Line-up

When someone is getting himself into nice watches and wants to make the first real Swiss made best cheap replica watch purchase, the is a big chance that Tissot is one of those brands he or she will come across. We sat down with Tissot in Basel and I have to say that we have not been let down by them.

My own very first Swiss made watch was none other than a Tissot PRC 200 chronograph, which I bought back in 2007. I loved the black dial with the yellow chronograph hands; the size was just perfect or my 7.5” wrist too. It came on a bracelet, which I later changed to a Hirsch Golfer starting some kind of a trend among WatchUseek’s Tissot forum members who had the same watch and were looking for a strap alternative. I still have the watch to this day and it still looks very cool and classic at the same time. However this article is not about my sentimental watch purchase stories but about the 2015 Tissot novelties we had the pleasure of seeing in the awesome red booth of Tissot a few months ago.

Tissot is a so-called middle-range (even though I love the term affordable much better) brand within Swatch Group. This does not mean though that they are not worth a look, on the contrary. They are a pretty versatile group of very well made, interesting watches. But enough with the intro, let’s have a closer look at them.

The first watch we had the chance of trying on and playing with for a little while was the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar. T-Touch is one of the most well-known collectionss of the brand. Of course this is the active man’s tag heuer replica watch playing in similar league as Casio’s G-Shock and brands like Suunto. This model offers everything a real outdoors sportsman would ever want with features such as; a perpetual calendar with indication of day and week number, two alarms, two time zones, weather forecast with relative pressure, altimeter with altitude difference meter, chronograph lap and split with logbook, compass, timer, azimuth, regatta function and backlight.

This updated version of the earlier T-Touch Solar Energy received a bit of a facelift as well for this year. Nice touch is the new bezel, which now looks like a compass – the old one had numbers on it – this only features the 4 quarters (North, East, South, West). Some dials are 2-tone so the lower part of the dial, which is dark, completely hides the display makes it looks like it’s part of the lower dial without noticing it’s actually not. Strap choices are wide too! From bracelet to rubber or even an awesome leather-velcro combo, you can pick which ever suits you best. Then of course you have the usual stuff the titanium PVD coated case, the Super Luminova dial and the 100m water resistance.

Tissot T-Touch

Tissot T-Touch

Let’s stay a bit longer with the active life but switch to motorsports. Tissot and MotoGP have a long history so it was only obvious that something new would be introduced. I am not much of a biker guy myself but even I am tempted to get one of these Limited Edition (of 3.333 pieces) Tissot T-Race MotoGP L.E. 2015 pieces.  Especially after I got the explanation of certain elements. The watch, as the fans of this model already know, comes in a helmet box. This is no ordinary box though as it functions as a watch winder for the Swiss made automatic chronograph movement that beats inside the PVD coated stainless steel case. No bracelet is offered (which is a bit of a bummer) but a synthetic strap with deployant buckle, sapphire crystal, display case back and water resistance until 100m. Details: the pushers are shaped like footrests, the bezel is inspired by the brake disk of the bike, the back of the bracelet has the same pattern as the tire trace, the display back resembles the wheel of the bike and so on. The starting grid-looking indices are just the added bonus. As you can see this is a true biker watch inside and outside, one that is true to the heritage of the MotoGP.


The last of the Tissot sports models we had a look was the Tissot PRS 516. I have to say that even though I loved all of the watches we saw that day this was probably the one I liked best. Maybe because it reminded me of my little PRC maybe the fact that the vintage DNA is very obviously visible the watch spoke to me.

The Tissot PRS 516 is the result of reimagining the classical 1960’s PR 516 in a modern and contemporary yet classic way. The vintage elements like the big hole rally straps, the shape of the pushers or the fact that it’s a 2-sub dial chronograph are all features of the era when racing was pure and strictly technical. Watches were instruments used as equipment not a symbol of money. The Tissot PRS 516, like many other models of different brands, tries to bring this era back a little bit with their vintage-inspired pieces. The watch is pretty technical too. It has a power reserve of 60 hours, with ceramic or carbon bezel depending on the watchcase and sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating. If you have the vintage version you have to get this watch. Be aware that as soon as you buy this and you don’t yet own the vintage you will want that too. And that might be a bit of a headache to get. Just remember, I’ve warned you.

Tissot PSR516

Tissot PSR516

Now a bit more classical (yet still complicated, due to the chronograph function) themed watches! Tissot introduced the Chemin des Tourelles which is a truly elegant model line. The name comes from the street in Le Locle where the Tissot manufacture was established and still operates today. The collection includes chronographs as well as time only watches in various dial (silver or black) and case (stainless steel, bicolor, rose gold PVDed) colors for ladies as well as for gentlemen. There is not much to say about the discount fake watches other than they are true to Tissot’s classical collection and offer a variety of different models for people looking for a dressy alternative.  Or just for a nicely sized, beautifully executed watch in general. We have seen this before with the Tissot Le Locle and Heritage models, which were extremely popular, and we have reason to believe that the Tissot Chemin des Tourelles is on the same path.

Speaking of Heritage I saved something special for last. After we’d seen all the watches Tissot had to offer we were presented with something you very rarely see in this range; a purely mechanical skeletonized Tissot pocket watch. The Tissot Bridgeport Mechanical Skeleton pays homage to the vintage pocket watches by the company in the most exciting way possible. The watch features sapphire crystal and a display case back. This, pairing up with the hand-wound skeleton movement and open dial makes the watch see through. How stylish is a pocket watch in 2015? – you might ask. The answer I don’t know, but one thing is for sure; that pocket watch shows that there are brands out there that do not always play by the rule of economy. Producing watches that are easy to sell and in large numbers, or exclusive with an astronomical price tag is the trend. This pocket watch symbolizes watchmaking in its purest form and apparently Tissot still knows this. Good for them, and lucky for us.

All in all it was a great meeting with some cool watches on the table. Tissot is still very close to their roots and heritage plays an important role in their vision for the future of their models. We enjoyed the time and hopefully soon will be able to provide you with some in-depth articles about some of their novelties when we receive them for review.

Cheap Replica Swiss Watch Online

This week, we feature an interview with the owner of a small watch goods company.  I had the opportunity to meet this person on a recent trip to San Diego and was really taken by his story, his real interest in high quality replica watches and, most importantly, the quality and design of his watch rolls.  Erik gave me a watch roll of his own creation and it’s been my “go to” accessory during travel and, believe me, I travel a lot.  We hope you enjoy this candid view from a collector.

What’s your name and where are you based?

Erik Akin and I’m from San Diego, California USA.  I’ve lived here my whole life except for 5 years in Japan.

What’s your business and what type of products do you create?  How did you come up with the name?

DECAMP is all about watch rolls for the collector, of late I’ve also started creating some wallets too.  I had been thinking long and hard about a name that would evoke an emotion instead of something eponymous.  I was out to dinner one night and gazing out the window when I saw a sign for a shop called “the camp”.  “DECAMP” popped into my head almost immediately.  I had a vague understanding of the word so I googled it and one part of the definition is “to leave suddenly”, which was perfect: watch rolls for the collector who has to go on a trip with short notice and can take multiple pieces with him/her.  The triangular DECAMP logo was inspired by the tip of a GMT hand, which brings to mind travel as well.  Whether the trip is for fun or an arduous business trip, taking along a few watches can only make it better.  Also the ceremony of unraveling the top quality replica watch roll to select a watch for the day is more refined than pulling a watch out of a balled up sock.

Why did you start this business and why should potential customers check it out?

A friend asked if I knew of anywhere online where he could find something to store his watch in while he was at the gym.  I didn’t have an answer, but I researched online and found that there wasn’t much, and what there was expensive.  I’m fortunate to work for a shoe and apparel company where there are fabric and leather swatches that get tossed out from time to time.  Over a weekend I decided to tinker with a few swatches and slowly the design came together – a design I must say originally inspired by an image on Instagram by @btint.  I posted these original pieces on Instagram (@ethokin) and got a lot of encouragement from followers.  I gifted those first pieces as they were pretty amateur, but as I got better I created the @decamp_goods IG page with the purpose of actually selling them.  I sold the first batch quickly and since then it has evolved into a custom business where the customer decides the size, color and leather type.  I make these out of a passion for luxury replica watches and desire to create something for people that should last their lifetime at a fair price.  I personally measure, cut, hole punch and stitch every single one of my products. My wife, from time to time, is recruited for sewing if someone requests the pockets to be a fabric instead of leather, though.

How do you interact with customers and what is some of the most satisfying feedback you’ve received?

All interaction with customers is by email and Instagram.  Instagram really has opened the world to me for all things watch related.

I really love it when a wife/girlfriend contacts me to purchase a watch roll for their husband/boyfriend as a surprise. Getting feedback from them that their husband/boyfriend loved it really warms my heart. It’s so great to see a spouse supporting the passion of watch collecting.

Do you work globally with customers?

Yes, I do.  I’ll ship anywhere.  I recently sent one of my card wallets to Malaysia – it took one month but it eventually got there!

What kinds of options do you offer for your accessories and maybe talk a little about how you source your materials and the cost?

The customer gets to decide on the pocket configuration.  I can also add smaller tool, strap pockets, or add a flap so they can store jewelry or cufflinks too.  I’ve also adapted the rolls for knife and pen collectors by making the pockets taller or narrower as needed.  I source most of my leathers from a great supplier in Minnesota. Also, as I mentioned before I’m lucky to be able to re-purpose many leather samples from my day job – which are usually one of a kind.  I’m now using Maine Thread Company thread too.

My prices start at $45 for a 2 pocket and increase $20 for each additional pocket.  The most common request is for a 3 pocket, which is $65.  Priority shipping is included in that price in the US.

The biggest cost driver is the time involved in creating the watch rolls.  Hand stitching is slow, but I feel it really adds to the rustic, handcrafted nature of my watch rolls.

How can customers get in touch with you and how long does it normally take to receive a product?

Lead times and turn around can vary.  I only have time on Saturdays to work on these, but usually I can get to a custom order within 2 weeks.

Personally, what got you into watches and what types of watches do you collect?

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by discount fake watches online.  I had a pocket watch in the third grade that I wore to school (thought I was so cool) and my entire first paycheck I got when I was 16 went towards a gold-faced Pulsar Diver with a Pepsi bezel.  In my early 20’s I spent 5 years in Japan teaching English and I went crazy for Japanese watch magazines, which laser focused me on getting a Submariner, which I have to this day. People that follow me on Instagram will also note my passion for vintage Seiko watches.  Of late, the Seiko quartz 7A28 chronographs from the 1980’s have been really catching my eye.

Currently, what’s your favorite watch and why?

I’m completely in love with my most recent acquisition, a 1984 Seiko 7A28-7040 Quartz Chronograph.  It has such a rugged character with the rotating diver’s bezel, lack of day/date and the dial design with zero fussiness.  Pure utility.

Last question, you hail from San Diego.  What is San Diego like as a watch collecting community?

I’m sure there are many collectors, but I’m not aware of a “community” per se.  There might be, maybe the surfboard collecting and Prius meets ups take precedence?!  Kidding aside, I’ve met a couple others through Instagram but not sure if the community is at the Red Bar level.

Maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Edition

Raymond Weil widmet Frank Sinatra, der am 12. Dezember 2015 seinen 100. Geburtstag feiern würde, die Maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Edition best cheap replica watch, die in einer Auflage von 1.212 Exemplaren auf den Markt kommt. Das Zifferblatt mit blauen Zeigern und Indexen ist zurückhaltend gestaltet und wird vor allem von der römischen Zwölf dominiert, die an das Geburtsdatum des Sängers, Schauspielers und Entertainers erinnert.

Raymond Weil: Maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Editionf

Auch das Edelstahlgehäuse gibt sich mit einem Durchmesser von 39,5 Millimetern und einer Höhe von 9 Millimetern unaufdringlich. Zwischen zwei Saphirgläsern beherbergt es das Automatikwerk Sellita SW 200-1. Das Glas im Gehäuseboden trägt die Aufschrift “Sinatra” und eine Darstellung des Hutes, der für ihn so typisch war. Für 1.320 Euro kann man sich mit der Raymond Weil Maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Edition discount fake watches die Erinnerung ans Handgelenk holen. gb

Die Gehäuseboden-Gestaltung der Raymond Weil Maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Edition erinnert an den Entertainer

Dive Watch:Hands-on with ZRC Grands Fonds 300

First, the bad news: it doesn’t look like French brand ZRC is planning to sell its recently introduced re-edition of the Grands Fonds 300 outside of France, which might result in your having to find a retailer willing to contact ZRC directly, or planning a trip to France, if you are interested in getting one. The good news (I guess) is that this might save you quite a bit of money, since the more desirable W510013 model, with the large set of hands, retails for 3,390 euros.

However, if you’re still determined to lay out the cash and jump through the logistical hoops to acquire this timepiece, which is understandable considering the final product, here is — as promised in last week’s Dive Watch Wednesday — what you need to know about this rather unique looking diver from the past with the crown positioned a 6 o’clock:


First of all, the new Grand Fonds is extremely close in its design to the original, which was introduced in the 1960s and served as a best cheap replica watch for the French Marine Nationale. So, except for the significantly better-overall build-quality, the slightly changed bezel, and the increased diameter of 40.5 mm (from 36 mm), you are essentially getting a watch that looks like it came directly out of a Cousteau movie.


The reason for placing the crown at 6 o’clock is quite easy to explain: it is, in theory, a much safer location for diving and also makes the watch more comfortable to wear. If you add the massive bracelet that only folds over the crown when fully screwed in, you get even more safety. But you also get a bit of a hassle if you tend to flip watches and/or have to change the time often (fortunately, this version doesn’t come with a date). Add to that a nontraditional, reversed order in which to unscrew and wind the crown (indicated by a black or red arrow), plus a much thicker bracelet, and you suddenly begin to understand why ZRC packages this luxury replica watch in a winder instead of a standard box.


Another specialty of the Grands Fonds 300 is the flexible strap: the large, spring-loaded elements on both sides of the case each offer around 5 mm of additional length (which might be interesting for people with hairy wrists). In theory, this means you can wear the watch tightly on land and also benefit from an auto-adjusting bracelet when you wear it over a dive suit.


Since there is no micro-adjustment available for the mostly brushed bracelet (and no half links), it’s possible you won’t find a “just-right” configuration and will have to wear the watch a bit more loosely during those times when there is no dry suit between your wrist and your watch.


You can, of course, also opt for the less expensive version fitted with a strap, but given the company’s heritage as a bracelet specialist and the Grands Fonds’ history itself, we think it just wouldn’t feel the same.


Also, the rather basic clasp (very similar to the one used on the original) performs well but doesn’t match the rest of the tag heuer replica watches, quality-wise.


Luminosity and readability are great, even though the numbers are, somewhat surprisingly, not filled with Super-LumiNova. And you’ll get used to the unusual bezel markings quite easily.


As explained in the last week’s article, the unidirectional bezel comes with an additional opening (Easy Clean System, or ECS) to make it easier to clean after a dive. Let’s hope it doesn’t let dust enter too easily.


We were told that there are (for the time being) 500 pieces per version. Since it isn’t sold as a limited edition, we don’t know how this number will evolve over time. We do know, however, that a 2,490.00 to 3,390.00 Euro list price for an ETA 2824-2 based diver is a lot, even though there are no other off-the-shelf parts, the quality is great and the historical legitimacy of this model is there, as well: it’s made by the same brand, and the same family, as it was more than 100 years ago.

Plus, this might be one of the rare occasions when wearing the re-edition actually is more satisfying than finding its vintage predecessor.


Which of These 5 Watches Would You Take to a Desert Island?

As spring turns into summer, many of us may be reminded of a desert island. Let’s say one were to be stranded on such an island and only watch could come along. Which one to take? I know — not an easy decision for a watch lover. But how about if I narrow it down?

In this article from my blog, Watch-Insider.com, I offer the five luxury replica watches, in alphabetical order, that you would have to choose from as your “desert island” watch. I’m curious to find out what everyone would choose, and why. Let me know in the comments section below.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms: The “Fifty” is the archetype of what we today would call a “real” divers’ watch. This iconic Blancpain is powered by an in-house movement and the design is a beauty.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver: A 100% masculine sports watch from Cartier. This ISO 6425-certified divers’ watch is perfect to accompany you through thick and thin. It’s also very good-looking and powered by an in-house caliber.

Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver

Omega Seamaster 300: This recent re-edition of a legendary Omega watch reflects the brand’s modern know-how, with superb in-house technology and bordering on what I’d call perfect design. This Omega Seamaster is essentially ageless.

Omega Seamaster 300

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio: This titanium-cased Panerai Luminor is powered by an in-house caliber and built to survive rough conditions both underwater and on land. And it is simply a cool watch.

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000: The recently released “version 3.0″ of the dive discount fake watch legend is fully packed with all the most mature Rolex technology. The Sea-Dweller would make a perfect companion under the waves and also look really good on your wrist.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000

Best replica Watch , A Good Chance!

Marvin was founded in 1850 by two brothers (by the name of Didisheim) in Saint-Imier, in the middle of the Jura. Before we write yet-another-romantic-but-sad-story about a watch company that didn’t survive the quartz crisis in the 1970s but DID have some nice cheap replica watches before that time we are going to stop here.

Just a few years ago, Marvin Watches Co was brought back to life again by its current owners, true passionate people about watches and the watch industry. We know, because we’ve met them during BaselWorld and at their current headquarters in Vaumarcus, Switzerland.

The nice thing about being a watch manufacturer with some history, is that you might have some antique catalogs and drawings of watches that once were yours. Marvin has such luck, as they made pretty nice (and affordable) pieces in the 20th century. Some of their current models are also based on those vintage timepieces but Marvin also invests quite an amount of time and resources in designing new swiss replica watches as well. The Loeb collection is a perfect example of that.

However, we love watches that have some ‘vintage DNA’ and picked the Marvin M115, which is their own code for the Marvin Regulator Automatic from their Malton collection. This 42mm diameter round watch has a very cool Regulator feature that we’ve seen on other watches as well (Chronoswiss, IWC, Sinn). Chronoswiss was the first to design a Regulator for a wrist watch, as it is normally something for clocks, and it has been their ‘signature’ watch ever since. Marvin designed a Regulator as well, in three different flavors and here is what we think.

Marvin M115 Regulator

Marvin achieved to design and produce a round watch with a classic looking regulator lay-out, without becoming old-fashioned. This Marvin M115 is a modern wrist watch that’s suitable for the young executive that wants to have his first decent timepiece without having to pick entry-level models from big watch manufacturers and wants to refrain from buying vintage 35mm classic watches as well. Marvin Watches Co uses a nice modern 42mm case with some kind of design signature in the side, as shown below.

Marvin Malton Collection

Inside is a Swiss made movement, based on Dubois-Dépraz caliber 14072. This movement features the Regulator lay-out, a 38-hour power reserve and a date indicator. The date indicator has a small magnifier under the sapphire crystal. As you can see below, the mechanical movement is relatively standard but does have a customized case back for Marvin. However, if you are new to mechanical watches or this will be your first mechanical timepiece, you’ll be excited to have a glance at the movement every once in a while.

Marvin M115 Regulator

As you can see above, the straps have a quick-release to be removed from the case very easily. We’ve seen this system with some Patek Philippe watches as well. By sliding the small button with your nail, you make the spring bar a bit smaller so it can be released from the tag heuer replica watches case. A very convenient method to change your straps.

Marvin M115

We are impressed by the design of the case and the clean classic Regulator dial (without becoming a timepiece that’s too classic for young people). The M115 comes with a black dial with grey sub dials, a grained silver dial and a white dial. We’d pick either the grained silver dial or the white dial with the very nice blue hands and matching blue numerals. Being able to read a Regulator dial is a matter of just moments and this feature does give a nice classic nod to the timepiece.

The Night of Replica Omega Firsts

When you think of chaep replica Omega online, you probably think of their Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation and De Ville collections. Perhaps some exotic models like the Flightmaster or vintage chronometers like the 30T2 or Centenary models also come to mind. Omega did so much more than these models and collections of course. What to think about the first commercial diving watch, the Marine from 1932? The wrist sized tourbillon watch from 1947? The Co-Axial movement in a 1974 Speedmaster or a central tourbillon?

Omega Firsts - Marine Chronometer

If you have ever been to the Omega museum in Biel (click here for our report on the museum and an older but more complete overview here), you’ve probably seen the amazing collection of pocket watches, wristwatches and other timing devices. The museum is definitely worth visiting and I consider it to be the most beautiful mono brand museum around. Perhaps I am a bit biased though.

For those who are unable to take a plane to Zürich and then travel to Biel by train (or take a car), you either have to do it with the photos we showed you here or hope that the best quality replica Omega Museum will come to you.

In 2013, we had a magnificent Speedy Tuesday event for our readers which included a number of special Speedmasters from the museum. Museum director Petros Protopapas was there with his team to talk about special Speedmasters and to answer questions from the crowd. A report on that event can be found here.

Last December, our colleagues of the Australian based Time+Tide website hosted an event together with Omega’s Museum to show a number of Omega Firsts to their readers and Omega fans. Museum Director Petros and the local Omega staff showed magnificent pieces from their heritage to the guests of the evening. Not only did Time+Tide take beautiful shots of the Omega Firsts (click here for their report), but they also did a wonderful 12 minute movie of the Omega Museum Director’s presentation.

Baselworld 2015: The New Sinn Watches

When visiting Baselworld, one can’t help but be impressed by the size of the displays in Hall 1. This is the home of the big brands: Rolex, the Swatch Group, Patek and on and on. Once you’ve had your share of the bright lights, though, it’s important not to forget the smaller brands sitting in Hall 2. One of the highlights for me every year sits in the “Hall of Small” and that’s Sinn. You see, this was my first year attending Baselworld as a member of the Press with Fratellowatches but I did visit as a public attendee the prior 2 years. It was fun for me just to view the best cheap replica watches through the glass but I will always remember that it was Sinn that actually let me handle their new watches without a press pass. Yes, the folks at Sinn are some of the nicest around and their lack of attitude carries through in their purposeful, no nonsense watches. 2015 is no different, so let’s take a look at the 7 new novelties.  By the way, pricing quoted is only for the German market or markets in Europe where Sinn has direct sales.


Sinn 240 St

The 240 St comes in at 43mm with an internal rotating pilot’s bezel actuated via the upper crown. The case is made of stainless steel and uses a hacking Sellita SW 220-1 with day and date display. 100 meter water resistance and DIN tested shock resistance and anti-magnetic qualities are also featured. Lug width is 22mm. Pricing will be 1,350 Euros on leather and 1,505 Euros on bracelet.


My thoughts: The 240 St should be a big hit for Sinn. It’s well-priced and follows the case design of the legendary 140/142 chronographs. Also, super compressor style vintage replica watches are extremely popular right now and the Sinn 240 St adeptly captures that trend. When I saw it, I immediately thought of a vintage Longines Ultra-chron that I had recently considered for purchase; this could fill the void for me while offering the reliability of a new watch.


Sinn U212 S E

The U212 S E is a limited edition model of 300 pieces and like others in the U family, it is made of submarine steel. It has 1,000 meter water resistance and features a scratch resistant, tegimented case with Sinn’s Ar-dehumidifying technology. The ratcheting bezel is external. Case size is 47mm with a case thickness of 14.5mm and a lug width of 24mm. The movement is Sellita’s SW300-1. Pricing will be 2,360 Euros on leather and 2,590 Euros on silicone.


My thoughts: The U-series is incredibly popular amongst fans of the brands it’s arguably the collection of watches that put the brand on the map. In this case, you have a rugged looking diver with a black case combined with vintage lume and a destroy crown position. It’s an attractive watch, but I’d expect some criticism over the use of what some might call faux patina on an otherwise very non-retro watch. Then again, with a production run of only 300, this should sell out easily.


Sinn 903 St B E

The 903 St B E is a tri-compax styled chronograph with date function and internally rotating bezel. It has a navy blue dial and joins a collection of existing similar models that have a white or black dial. The 903 has an automatic movement based on the Sellita SW 500 and can be seen through a sapphire display case back. The case is 41mm in diameter and 14.5mm thick. Lume is done in ivory and the watch has a water resistance of 100 meters.  Pricing will be 2,690 Euros on leather and 2,925 on metal bracelet.


My thoughts: I love this watch. The navy dial looks great and the overall detailing on the dial is of a quality that, in my opinion, easily bests similar competitors (ahem, Breitling). Yes, it does look like a Navitimer, but there are reasons for that stemming from a time of turmoil in the watch industry and, needless to say, Sinn has a bona fide right to make this watch. In any case, while I find the bracelet a bit too shiny, the watch would look great on a strap. The size is perfect for most wrists and this watch looks like it would work for just about any occasion.


Sinn EZM 3F

Sinn introduces a new model in their EZM series with an external bezel, magnetic field resistance of up to 80,000 A/m and water resistance of 200 meters. The watch features a crown on the left side of the case for added wrist comfort. The bead blasted stainless steel case is 41mm and 13mm thick. Lug width is an even 20mm. Ar-dehumidifying technology is also present. Date display is at a unique 3:30. The movement on the EZM 3F is the ETA 2824-2. Price will be 1,490 Euros on leather and 1,625 Euros on metal bracelet.


My thoughts: This watch felt perfect on the wrist and while it is quirky, this is a real watch for Sinn-ophiles. I’ve done some reading on Sinn forums and this watch really seems to be one that the addicts were requesting. There’s no doubt that the EZM 3F is a formidable tool-watch with its bezel, water resistance and strong anti-magnetic properties. To boot, the price is very affordable.


Sinn EZM 7 S

Sinn’s Mission Timer 7 comes to us in a limited edition of 300 pieces. It contains 200 meter water resistance, 80,000 A/m anti-magnetic properties and Ar-dehumidifiying technology. It has a stainless steel, Tegimented case at 43mm and 12mm thick. The color-coded bezel is easy to use wearing gloves and the colors aid those wearing breathing apparatuses. Essentially, the watch was designed for firefighters. The EZM 7 S contains a GMT function and is powered by the ETA 2893-2. Pricing will be 2,190 Euros on leather, 2,420 Euros on silicone, and 2,485 Euros on metal bracelet.


My thoughts: There’s no doubt that Sinn designs special discount fake watches for niche uses and the EZM 7 S defines this. With only 300 to be produced, I’d expect it to be popular amongst those in the emergency rescue field. Aesthetically, it’s a bright piece but looks and feels like it could literally bust through a wall. It probably wouldn’t be my choice but there’s no doubt that it’s well crafted.


Sinn 104 St Sa

The Sinn 104 St Sa brings a new dial to the extremely popular and inexpensive 104 family. The dial ushers in one with Arabic numeral hour markers. A 41mm stainless steel case with an anti-reflective crystal and display back is present. A screw down crown aids 200-meter water resistance. Hands come in a syringe style while the dial shows day and date. The movement is the Sellita SW 220-1. Pricing will be 990 Euros on leather and 1,225 Euros on metal bracelet.


My thoughts: This was a no-brainer and will sell very well for Sinn due to great, classic looks and a great price. I think this is really one of Germany’s best pilot’s watches. The quality is fantastic and it really wouldn’t look out of place at any function. As you can tell, I’d wear this watch happily. In the future, I’d love to see Sinn make this watch without a date: that would really be something special.


Sinn 6068  

Sinn introduced a new financial district watch with its 6068.  Actually, it’s an update based on a prior limited edition watch and moves the date window from 3:00 to 4:30. The watch is a simple 3-handed piece with a date function and an internal rotating bezel used to display a second time zone. The stainless watch features a display case back with a rotor depicting a bull and bear. It is water resistant to 100 meters and has a diameter of 38.5mm. Pricing will be 1,990 Euros and will include both a leather strap and metal bracelet.


My thoughts: The financial district watches often fly under the radar for Sinn, but they’re highly attractive watches with great finishing. Furthermore, they come with serious packaging and accessories such as a bracelet, strap, changing tool, and a massive box. Sinn takes a lot of pride in the fact that “Frankfurt am Main” is on their dials. In fact, the representative met with was very excited about that fact that German bankers love these aaa grade swiss replica watches and often have them in their rotation amongst far more expensive pieces. I really like them and have a friend who owns a more complicated version; it’s very nice! Furthermore, with a 100-meter water resistance, these pieces aren’t resigned to the trading floor!


I hope you enjoyed taking a very brief look at the new releases from Sinn. We’ll be sure to write more in depth articles once we get our hands on some of these pieces.  Sinn makes some very high quality pieces and they’re rather unique in a sea of “me-too’s” in the watch industry. Finally, for those of you who have never visited Sinn in Frankfurt, it’s a worthwhile experience as they have their watches “out” in their showroom and you can help yourself to try on anything you like…and then buy. Furthermore, Sinn will open a retail shop in Frankfurt’s Roemerberg Square this summer. I’d expect it to be another fantastic experience in customer service. Let us know what you think about the new Sinn’s below in the comments area.

Fratello Classics: 5 Vintage Watches For the Budget-Minded Aficionado

Let’s say you are on a budget of $1,000 – $1,500 for a nice timepiece. If you care about things like warranty, water resistance, no maintenance for the next five years and so on, you may want to skip this week’s Fratello Friday article on vintage watches. If you are living your horological life a bit more on the edge, however, I encourage you to read on.

If you have unlimited funds to spend on a vintage timepiece, you can find that perfect Rolex Submariner or that interesting, early Omega Speedmaster. However, for those who do not, the team at Fratello Watches offers up some very interesting, alternative vintage watches — hidden gems, if you will — that can be bought for much less.There may be brands in here you’ve never heard of; after all, quite a few manufacturers of mechanical watches were swept away in the 1970s due to the so-called quartz crisis. Other brands will be more recognizable, either because they never went away or because a new company bought the name and started a whole new business.

1. Alpina Sea-Strong Startimer

Alpina is known today for its sporty and affordable watches, made at the Frédérique Constant manufacture in Geneva. Long before Frédérique Constant CEO Peter Stas revived it, Alpina was already making very cool swiss replica watches. Exhibit A: this 1970s Alpina Sea-Strong Startimer. We’ve found one for sale for just over $1,100.  This is a Lemania-based chronograph; in fact, it contains almost the same Lemania movement that Omega used in some of its Speedmaster watches in the 1970s (Mark III, IV and ‘125‘). The only difference is the lack of a 24-hour indicator, and you can live with that, right? Why is it so cheap? Well, the current seller is not 100% sure about the case since he couldn’t find another identical watch. If you are a purist, this one might not be for you. If, however, you are looking for a nice vintage piece with a very solid movement, you might want to make an offer. More information can be found here.

Alpina Sea-Strong Startimer

2. Seiko 5 Sports Speed-Timer “Bullhead” 6138-0040

Vintage Seiko tag heuer replica watches are booming. Just dive into this category and you will see how large the following is. For $999 (or a good offer) you can become the owner of this 1970s Seiko Speed-Timer “Bullhead.” (The “Bullhead” nickname comes from the look of the crown at 12 o’clock with chronograph pushers on either side.) Seiko might be still frowned upon by snobbier watch collectors, but the fact is that it does deliver superb-quality watches for the money. We have a lot of respect for this Japanese company, both for its historical timepieces as well as its modern pieces. Seiko cheap good replica watches are known for their simple-looking but reliable movements, as well as for funky 1970s designs. The size of this watch makes it a very easy timepiece to wear by modern standards. More information can be found here.

Seiko Speed-Timer "Bullhead"

3. Yema Chronograph

This company is probably unknown to most people nowadays, yet it actually still exists. It was founded in France and was owned by Seiko for before falling back into French hands. If you search for “vintage Yema watches” you will come across some pretty awesome-looking pieces, with unusual names such as Seaspider, Yachtingraf, and so on. We found this Yema Chronograph with a two-register chronograph movement (Valjoux 7734) and a date window at 6 o’clock. This 39-mm timepiece would fit most wrists and has a cool 1960s/early 1970s look. It comes with a plexi crystal and can be fitted to a leather strap but would probably look even more “military style” when worn on a NATO strap. At $1,050, this watch isn’t outstandingly cheap, but it might be an interesting purchase for those who want to own a cool vintage chronograph. More information can be found here.

Yema Chronograph

4. Omega Seamaster Chronostop

This is, of course, a brand we all know well. Although this watch pushes the limit of the stated budget constraints, and would need a new strap and perhaps a bit of cleaning, it is an awesome watch to own. This 1969 Omega Seamaster Chronostop has a hand-wound caliber 865 (yes, a variation of the famous Speedmaster Professional caliber 861 movement). The Chronostop name was used for various models in the Omega luxury replica watch collection, and also for the Genève collection. This watch features one pusher to operate the chronograph seconds hand. The same pusher is used to start, stop and reset. The chronograph seconds hand can be used like a normal second hand as soon as you push start and just let it run, but you can also use it to time things within a minute. Of course, you can manually zero all hands by using the winding and setting crown, but if you’re doing this a lot, you might rather go for a proper chronograph. We’ve found this $1,200 watch for sale here. Again, it might need some work.

Omega Seamaster Chronostop

5. Enicar “Birks of Canada” Chronograph

The name Enicar should ring a bell for many watch lovers. This brand made a lot of nice watches in the past — including the Enicar Sherpa, one of its best-sellers — and had its own in-house-developed movements. Actually, Chronoswiss used the Enicar Caliber 165 movement in its Régulateur Automatique top quality replica watch. The Enicar watch company still exists today, but doesn’t have much of a presence. This Enicar chronograph with “Birks” printed on the dial is a 1960s or early 1970s watch that was retailed by Birks of Canada, hence the name on the dial. It was more common in those days to have the name of a retailer printed on the dial. This particular Enicar watch has a 37-mm diameter — which is small — but perhaps the cool thing about it is that it has a Valjoux Caliber 72 movement inside. That’s right, the same caliber that was used on those early (Paul Newman) Rolex Daytona discount fake watches for sale. The case of this Enicar has a C-shaped look that was quite common in those days as well. If you don’t mind the 37-mm size, and the fact that it has no “real” watch brand name on the dial, this could be an awesome watch to own. It is mainly the Valjoux 72 movement inside that makes this watch the most expensive one of the bunch. It is being offered for $1,599 or your best offer. We included it on this list because you can probably bargain your way down to below the $1,500 threshold.

More information can be found here.

Enicar "Birks of Canada" Chronograph